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Founded in 1989, Op.Electronics is a Taiwan-based high-tech company with strong R&D and manufacturing capabilities, specializing in laser, optics, and electronics.


NEW Products

TOP GUN® Marksmanship Training System

  • TOP GUN® 2.0 - Multiple Target Set:.Steel Challenge TOP GUN® 2.0 Marksmanship Training System can simulate different stages of the Steel Challenge competition in any indoor space.
  • TOP GUN® 2.0 Boresighting Mode:.This new mode in TOP GUN® 2.0 can help you adjust habitual alignment errors and improve your shooting skills for more precise shots.

Our NEW product: TOP GUN® PLUS Advanced Marksmanship Training System

  • For both live-shooting training and dry-firing trainings.
  • It is probably the world's first system which allows the user to observe, in addition to the bullet hits on the target, also computer analyses on his/her shots.
  • The system consists of optoelectronic hardware and AI (artificial intelligence) software to make shooting trainings more effective.
  • Hardware consists of :

- An MDU (Motion Detection Unit) mounts on the user's gun to detect his motions  using the gun;

- 2 to 4 PSUs (Position Sensing Units) which are installed on the ground.

ZAP® Rangefinder Series

  • With excellent ranging capabilities and the highest accuracy, ZAP®1600 allows users to instantly measure distances up to 1600m (1760y) and view target via brilliant optics.

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We will be exhibiting at IWA, Nuremberg, Germany.

For more information, please visit our exhibitor profile .




We will be exhibiting at SHOT SHOW® from 22-25.01.2019, Las Vegas.

Visit us at booths 3627, Level 1, and add us to your SHOT Show planner.