CHEETAH™ Intelligent Bow Sight

CHEETAH™ eliminates the guesswork when it comes to aiming. Using a digital microdisplay, sighting-in and aiming can be more precise and faster than when using traditional bow sights, as CHEETAH™ Intelligent Bow Sight electronically generates and adjusts pins directly on its screen.


    CHEETAH™  Intelligent Bow Sight I

    Stand-alone model/ use with or without an external Laser Rangefinder

    CHEETAH™  Intelligent Bow Sight II

    Comes with attach/ detachable Compact LRF through wireless connection

2018 CHEETAH™ Brochure


  • Self-lit sight dots, highly visible day and night

  • Selectable dot size, min 0.18mm

  • 220 vertical positions for drop compensation shots

  • Electronically-generated dots, shifted at the push of button, easy calibration & sight-in

  • Built-in Ballistic processor, very short time-to-shoot

  • Built-in electronic distance estimation processor

  • One device for both right/left hand bows